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GTO 4 piston Rear Conversion

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GTO 4 piston Rear Conversion Summary

This rear bracket kit (aka ITSME4G63 C6 Z06 Kit) allows you to bolt on 4 piston rear CTSV Brembo Calipers onto your GTO utilizing the rear C6 Z06 Corvette rotor (13.4”/340mm). An 18” wheel (stock GTO 18” wheels clear )is a minimum requirement for fitting the 4 piston rear Brembos. Bolt in design, retains use of stock GTO brake lines & handbrake (half-moon spacers are used to raise e-brake assembly to rotor). Fit all model years (04-06). For Off-Road use only. 

Note: Requires Corvette C6 Z06 (MY 2006-2013) rear rotors (13.4”/340mm Diameter). Minor modification to rear splash-shields is required for bracket/caliper clearance. Minor modification to hub casting might be required, depends on year/production run.


Whats included in the kit:

Mounting Brackets – x2
Caliper Mounting Bolts – x4
Caliper Mounting Bolt Washers – x4
Half-Moon E-Brake Spacers – x4
Half-Moon E-Brake Spacer Mounting Bolts – 8x

GM Caliper P/N's for reference only
Silver - 89047742 & 89047743
Yellow - 20982644 & 20982647
Red - 22885101 & 22885103
Caliper pin kit: 89047728

**Brake kits are limited production/availability No returns allowed except for manufacture defects.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
The perfect upgrade - Metallifan - 11/17/2014
No hacking up the calipers to fit like some of the other guys. Great cost effective kit, easy install, amazing results! Comes with everything you need. I recommend these to anyone looking for the best bang for buck brake conversion you can do to your GTO. Customer service is unparalleled. Do business with Bohnman! My review on Ls1gto:

5 product stars
Amazing upgrade - Frank - 6/15/2015
This is the perfect and most cost effective brake kit you can do. Everything from the brackets to the customer service has been excellent. Big thanks to ITSME4G63, Bohnman and Mikey for the their help on this. All you guys went above and beyond to help me out.

5 product stars
Excellent product - Jpholden - 12/18/2016
Kit came with everything needed for a perfect install , a lot of research and development was put in this kit

5 product stars
Must have with the front Big Brake kit - Simeon Iliev - 5/28/2014
After dreaming about a Brembo big brake kit for years, I finally stumbled upon this kit, found a good price on the calipers, and immediatelly bought it. Not only is such a kit not available directly from Brembo but it is with 4 piston calipers, is a massive improvent over the factory rear brakes, and fits inside the factory 18" wheels. In my opinion, this is the most important and the best upgrade for the money available for the GTO combined with the front big brake kit. As anyone who drives their GTO hard knows, the factory brakes are just not good enough for this very heavy car. Buying very expensive rotors and high performance brake pads would help but would also cost nearly as much as doing this complete big brake upgrade. I have now put almost two hundred miles on these brakes and have to say they are simply amazing! The stopping power is simply unmatched and I cannot imagine how they would stop if I have bigger, racing slick tires. And finally, I would like to add that for those who don't necessarily need such high performance braking, this big brake kit is worth every penny just for the visual enhancement of the car alone. The appearance of the GTO with these brakes transforms from a pretty nice looking sporty car to a serious high end, expensive sports car. I cannot think of a better appearance modification for the GTO then a gigantic pair of brembo brake calipers filling up the entire wheel. These are the brakes that the GTO should have had from the factory.

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GTO 4 piston Rear Conversion

GTO 4 piston Rear Conversion

This rear bracket kit (aka ITSME4G63 C6 Z06 Kit) allows you to bolt on 4 piston rear CTSV Brembo Calipers...